'Veronica Mars' Movie Campaign Has Raised $4.5 Million From Online Donations - But Is Still Begging Fans For More


kristen bell veronica mars

Warner Bros.

Kristen Bell stars as "Veronica Mars" in the cult favorite TV show being turned into a movie thanks to fan donations.

The "Veronica Mars" Kickstarter campaign raised a record $2 million in just ten hours zooming past the 30-day goal.


The campaign to turn the canceled TV show into a feature length film has since raised a total $4.5 million in funding — but apparently it's still not enough.

Show writer/director Rob Thomas posted an update to the project page on Kickstarter, in which he revealed not only has he finished a "too long" rough draft of a script, but that they also still desperately need more funds.

Assuring fans that he will not use their money to “swim around in a mountain of gold coins like Scrooge McDuck,” Thomas explains most of the money raised will go to freebies promised to backers but the remainder will go to making “in my humble opinion, a really great movie.”

"I wanted to take a moment to explain something that I could have made clearer at the beginning," Thomas continued. "$2 million was our minimum goal. It would be enough to get a movie made, but it was never going to let us make the exact movie we really wanted to make, or the one we know you deserve."


Thomas goes on to further explain:

For a feature length movie, [$4.5 million] is still a pretty conservative budget. Everything you’ve pledged beyond the initial $2 million gives us more options, and for that I’m eternally grateful. More backing means more locations, more sets, more actors, and most important of all, more shooting days. The bottom line? That extra support gives us the freedom to make the best movie possible.

That additional money could mean the difference between a movie that lasts 90 minutes, and one that lasts 110. It could also mean the difference between us shooting in Southern California, where the series was shot, and in a less expensive location somewhere else.