Wipro has changed its traditional metrics, will incentivise team champions

Wipro has changed its traditional metrics, will incentivise team championsWipro has put in place a new structure for incentivising its top executives. Now, Wipro will evaluate them on individual performances and overall company's performance as well.

The IT company has urged its employees to work in a collaborative manner.

"Our incentive structure has undergone a fundamental shift. We have done away with the previous account-based structure. The new plan which came into effect on April 1, has two parts: 50% of the incentive will depend on the performance of the individual and his team while the balance 50% is linked to the performance of the organization," Wipro president and chief human resources officer Saurabh Govil told ET.

Wipro wants to break away from traditional ways and is setting new benchmarks to reward employees.

Also, with automation gaining importance, many companies have ditched various old methods to incentive employees such as bell curve appraisal system.


"The central idea behind this shift is that not only do we want individuals and their teams to win but their victories should contribute to the success of the organization. To use a cricketing analogy, a century makes sense only if it helps the team win," Govil had told ET.

Under CEO Abidali Neemuchwala, Wipro wants to turnaround its fortunes.