A 6-year-old YouTuber bought an $8 million home in South Korea

Boram Toys review YouTube


A South Korean family was able to purchase an $8 million home thanks to their six-year-old daughter's wildly successful YouTube career. Boram is one of many YouTube child stars who share videos of themselves playing with toys and going on adventures.

Her channels, Boram Tube Vlog and Boram Tube ToysReview, boast 17 million and 13 million subscribers respectively and her parents created the Boram Family company to manage her lucrative career. CNN reports that the Boram Family Company recently purchased a five-story home for $9.5 billion Korean won (just over $8 million US) in a suburb of Seoul.
Boram's most popular videos have more than 300 million views. In addition to earning money from ad revenue, YouTube stars like Boram can earn even more from sponsorship deals with toy companies and other retailers. RyanToysReview was the highest grossing channel on YouTube in 2018, earning $22 million with seven-year-old star Ryan Kaji.

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Videos starring children are massively popular on YouTube, even though the platform is intended for users over the age of 12. YouTube is reportedly considering shifting children's videos to YouTube Kids as the FTC reaches the final stages of an investigation into the video platform's handling of children's privacy and data collection. YouTube disabled comments on children's videos in February after multiple reports showed that users were using time-stamped comments to mark moments of nudity.