A brand new 'Super Mario' game is reportedly launching alongside Nintendo's new Switch console


It's tough for a video game console to succeed without good games to play on it.


That seems like a given for any gaming company, but Nintendo launched the Wii U in 2012 with a bunch of games that were better on other consoles and a decent mini-game collection called "Nintendo Land."

In other words, it wasn't exactly setting the world on fire, and sales suffered. The Wii U went on to become a financial failure.

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If Nintendo wants its new Switch console to be a runaway success when it launches in March, it will need a great game or two to get people in line. According to a scoop from Let's Play Video Games, a brand new, flagship "Super Mario" game will launch alongside Switch.


Nintendo Switch Mario game


The "Super Mario" game for Switch.

This game was actually shown for a few seconds in the initial reveal trailer for Switch back in October. The brief clip shows Mario running and jumping from a third-person perspective through a desert environment that is mysteriously covered in giant ice blocks.

That limited footage doesn't tell us much about the game, but the LPVG report gives some further details. The still-unnamed game will have a hub world to explore like "Super Mario 64" or "Super Mario Galaxy," and like those games, the hub world will branch off into levels with multiple objectives to complete.

More interestingly, it will have some kind of cooperative multiplayer element where two players can work together to complete objectives. This feature would theoretically use the Switch's unique detachable controllers for local multiplayer.

None of this has been confirmed by Nintendo yet. But LPVG has a solid track record of leaking accurate information about Switch, so this is believable. It's also been long enough since the last major 3D Mario game that a new one shouldn't be far off.

To see Nintendo Switch in action (with a tantalizing glimpse at this new Mario game), watch the trailer below:


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