A look back at the Game Boy Micro, the Nintendo console that time forgot


Nintendo Switch


The Nintendo Switch was just released last week, but most people have only been able to enjoy it vicariously through YouTube reviews or TV commercials.


Unless you were able to beat the rush for a pre-order, or took your chances with long lines and low inventory at your local Best Buy or GameStop, the chances of getting your hands on a Switch have been slim.

In fact, the Switch has been selling so well that it has officially become Nintendo's fastest-selling console ever - moving more units in North America in its first two days than even the Wii. Time will tell if the Switch will come anywhere near the Wii's mind-boggling 100 million units sold worldwide, but it is certainly off to a promising start.

With Nintendo seemingly back on top of the gaming world, it seems as good a time as any to reflect on a product they couldn't transfer their golden touch onto. I'm not talking about consoles with middling sales like the GameCube or Wii U. Though not particularly successful, they had their corner of the market and each had a number of hit games. No, I'm talking about the handheld time forgot; the Game Boy that, if you weren't paying attention, came and went without leaving a trace.

I'm talking, of course, about the Game Boy Micro. Take a look: