A startup added one small step to their job application process - and no one has quit in 3 years

A startup added one small step to their job application process - and no one has quit in 3 years

Mogul CEO Tiffany Pham

Tiffany Pham

Job interviews aren't the only hiring strategies at this company's disposal.


Job interviews are tricky things.

They're a crucial part of the hiring process. But when it comes to vetting the best candidates, interviews alone often aren't enough.

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Interviewees can game recruiters. And interviewers can allow their own biases to block out qualified candidates.

Fortunately, job interviews aren't the only hiring strategies at a recruiter's disposal.


Tiffany Pham, the CEO and founder of women-only social media platform Mogul, said she has a system she learned from Peter Arvai, the founder of Prezi.

As a result of this hiring strategy, no one has quit the 50-person company in three years, Pham told Business Insider.

As part of Mogul's hiring process works, candidates go through three to four rounds of interviews - three for local hires, four if they're based out of town.

The last round of the hiring process looks a bit different, however. Instead of sitting down for another job interview, candidates spend a day in Mogul's office working on the team they're being considered for.

Pham said the process helps the candidate get to know their potential colleagues as well as a real sense of the work culture.


"That enables them to really see for themselves whether they're really a good fit inside the company," Pham told Business Insider. "Ultimately it's for us to see whether they'd be a great match for our culture as well."

She said the trial run, coupled with a series of rigorous interviews, helps all parties determine whether or not the applicant will be a good fit.

"We spend a lot of the day just getting to know this person and enabling them to get to know us as well," she said.