Accenture’s new intelligent automation platform myWizard is quietly revolutionizing the IT sector in India

Accenture’s new intelligent automation platform myWizard is quietly revolutionizing the IT sector in India
Intelligent automation is the launch pad for new growth and innovation, strongly believes Accenture. And hence they launched an intelligent automation platform Accenture myWizard to transform the way IT and services are dealt with in India.

Aptly named, this platform is on its way to become one of the best digital coworker of the digital age. It has a number of virtual agents that use machine learning to collaborate with human co-workers to manage projects, apply analytics to support business goals, advise on a range of judgment based tasks and monitor numerous aspects of development.

Whether you are brain storming a code or signing a million dollar deal, this will always be beside you with the best industry advice.

Bhaskar Ghosh, Group Chief Executive of Accenture Technology Services explains the driving force of myWizard and more.


1. What were the driving forces for Accenture to develop myWizard?

It’s important to view this from the perspective of how the role of IT has changed over the past two decades. From playing a role which supported and enabled businesses, IT has moved into a role that grows businesses. Today, IT is at the core of driving disruption, creating new business models and driving new growth. The business landscape has transformed along with this, giving rise to faster, more nimble and Digital-first businesses.

As a result of both these trends, there are bigger expectations of IT, and we believe intelligent automation is the launch pad for new growth and innovation.

2. How is myWizard different compared to your competitors’ automation platforms?

The Accenture myWizard is an intelligent automation platform that enables smarter and more efficient application services, including systems integration, application development and management. It is different than other platforms in the market in several key ways:
  • Industry knowledge: Accenture myWizard mines our vast, cumulative knowledge base spanning 40 industries, including logical operating models, process flows and key performance indicators, giving myWizard a unique set of business domain expertise to be able to reason and deliver tangible business results.
  • Best of the ecosystem: The platform brings together thousands of proprietary Accenture industry assets, intelligent tools, and methods, as well as those from across our partner ecosystem.
3. How does the platform help human workers in better decision-making?

While the concept of automation is not new to the industry, what has changed now is the potential of automation with progress advancements in technologies like cloud computing, analytics and artificial intelligence. These technologies have given rise to new modes of human and machine collaboration – humans can now do complex and creative problem-solving by analyzing vast amounts of data and identifying trends that were previously impossible to detect. This is why Accenture believes intelligent automation is the essential co-worker for the digital age.
  • Intelligent Data Scientist: This scientist helps identify data patterns and mines program information to provide IT and business users with the ability to make more insight-based decisions.
  • Virtual Testing Savant: This agent provides advice to human testers on a wide-range of judgement-based tasks, such as test planning, test coverage, prioritization and even staffing. It provides test artifacts for reuse and solutions based on past fixes, helping testers spend less time preparing and fixing and more time fine-tuning applications to improve business performance.
  • Virtual Scrum Master: This agent monitors numerous aspects of Agile development projects consisting of requirements, releases, metrics and resources – alerting the project manager of any potential issues and providing possible solutions.

4. Automation technology is disruptive in nature. What kind of training are Accenture’s software teams getting to work in an environment where myWizard is in action?

As technology advances, so do the roles. New roles are emerging today; for example, people with strong analytics skills are needed in software development to be able to apply AI-based insights in project and business environments, and so is the need for platform managers and expertise in liquid IT architecture.

Accenture believes training and people development is at the heart of everything we do. In fiscal 2015, we invested $841 million in training and employee development across the world. High on our agenda is to enable our people with NEW IT skills, i.e., the technologies defining the landscape today, like Agile, Automation, DevOps, Artificial Intelligence, Digital, Security, among others.

Specifically on Accenture myWizard, we have conducted over 75 training sessions around the world, training over 3,000 Accenture practitioners.

5. What has been the adoption of myWizard among clients, and how has it helped them?

Organisations can use the Accenture myWizard intelligent automation platform to eliminate repetitive application development tasks, helping software developers become up to 60 percent more productive on task-related work and enabling them to focus on more strategic work.
We have introduced myWizard to existing clients and in new deals. Clients are very excited by the prospects of improved decision-making, application quality, productivity, speed to market and cost gains. Over the past six months, the platform has been deployed in more than 100 clients globally spanning all industries. We plan to deploy it to over 200 clients by the end of August 2016.

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