After joining Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In movement, women get jobs, raises, and dump their boyfriends


Sheryl Sandberg's best selling book "Lean In" has become a huge international movement where women join what's known as Lean In circles as they pursue their leadership dreams.


Apparently, joining such a circle can have a profound impact on a woman's life almost immediately, Sandberg told Inc Magazine's Jeff Bercovici.

Within six months of joining, women "get raises. They get new jobs. They run for office. They change the dynamics they have with their partners. Some of them drop their boyfriends and decide they want new boyfriends who will be more equal partners," Sandberg said.

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And there's an awful lot of women joining such circles and changing jobs, dynamics and boyfriends. "We have 24,000 circles in 117 countries," she said. "We grow by a hundred a week."

So if you're thinking about joining a circle, you might want to warn your boyfriend.


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