Amazon Prime Video is the best streaming service if you're a movie buff, but Netflix isn't far behind

Amazon Prime Video is the best streaming service if you're a movie buff, but Netflix isn't far behind

The Big Sick


"The Big Sick"


Audiences have more TV viewing options than ever before in the streaming era, and choosing what to spend your money on can be a daunting task.

For movie buffs, there might be a clear answer.

Streaming search engine Reelgood provided Business Insider data on five streaming services for comparison: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, and Showtime. When it came to the movies the services offer, Prime Video came out ahead.

Prime Video currently has the largest movie catalog of any of the services by far, with 14,210 available movies. The next biggest is Netflix, with 3,803 movies.


Total Available Movies on Streaming Services 2018   2019  FullResolution


Prime Video also has the most "high quality" movies. Reelgood defined a high quality movie as any with a 7.5 rating or higher on IMDb. Prime Video came out on top with 125 high quality movies. However, it was virtually tied with Netflix, which had 124.

The others had much lower counts. Here are the numbers for high quality movies:

  • Prime Video: 125
  • Netflix: 124
  • Hulu: 52
  • HBO: 32
  • Showtime: 32

High Quality Movies on Streaming Services Reelgood


A handful of Prime Video's movies are Prime Originals, movies that Amazon Studios has developed or acquired.


Not all of them have been hits, but others have received plenty of recognition. Some of Amazon's best original movies include "Manchester by the Sea," which was nominated for the best picture Oscar and won Casey Affleck a best actor Oscar; "The Big Sick," which was nominated for a screenplay Oscar; and "Cold War," which was nominated for three Oscars this year, including best foreign-language film.

But movies are only part of the picture and Prime Video falls behind when it comes to quality TV.

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