Amid unemployment tensions, 70% of Indian youth lack awareness of government’s much-touted skill development programme

Amid unemployment tensions, 70% of Indian youth lack awareness of government’s much-touted skill development programme
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  • Despite 76% youth interested in enrolling themselves in skill development programme, 70% of adults aren’t aware of it, according to a major study.
  • Three-quarters of the surveyed people never attended any such programme, said the ‘Young India and work’ study.
  • The youth is more interested in sectors which are expecting less growth in recruitment.
Rising unemployment has been one of major headwinds in the growth of the Indian economy. Yet, around 70% of youth lack awareness about the much-publicised skill development programme run by the government to boost employment, a major study has revealed.

According to the study, ‘Young India and work’ by the Observer Research Foundation and World Economic Forum, 1.3 million people are added to India’s working population monthly. Even with fewer jobs, only one fourth of the youth have enrolled themselves in the skill development programme. Time constraints and financial problems were among the major reasons cited by a third of the respondents, said the study.

The findings not only highlighted the gap between a government scheme and youth awareness but also pointed out the mismatch of youth aspirations and industry demands.

The preferences of youth and companies recruiting for jobs also vary. While young people are flexible about mobility but companies are focusing more on hiring locally. Additionally, only 14% of companies use the Internet for hiring whereas three-quarters of the youth are dependent on Internet for any kind of employment information.

Enterprises in customer services, sales, information technology support, accounting and auditing may witness growth in their hiring process but young people are attracted towards sectors which is expected less growth in coming five years.

And even though more women professionals are preferred in the field of education, training, research and health, almost three-quarters of females from age 26 to 30 were not employed.

Half of the youth were more inclined towards government jobs than private sector jobs, which added to the surging unemployment rate.

Talking about a possible solution, 60% of the surveyed respondents said that government action and economic policies could resolve the issue.

As the youngest nation, India will need inclusive growth since strategies cannot be implemented in isolation, suggested the study.

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