An Indian tech company will help Airbus design its aircraft cabins

An Indian tech company will help Airbus design its aircraft cabins
Tech Mahindra is going to help engineer Airbus cabins and cargo holdsAirbus

  • Tech Mahindra, one of India’s tech giants, is going to be working on Airbus planes.
  • The company will help the European aircraft manufacturer with engineering its cargo and cabin design.
  • The skills and specialisation will help Tech Mahindra get a foothold in the aircraft cabin interiors market set to hit $40.81 billion by 2025.
Tech Mahindra, one of the largest tech companies in India, is going to be working on Airbus planes. It has signed a multi-year contract with the European aerospace company to engineer its cargo and cabin design.

Tech Mahindra can stated that its specialised skills and competencies will help it expand its cabin engineering business.
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It will help the company get a foothold in the aircraft cabin interiors market that’s set to hit $40.18 billion by 2025 at an annual growth rate of 5.87%, according to Research and Markets.

Will the aviation sector growing as a whole and the demand for flights increasing as prices drop, the demand for technologically advanced aircraft cabins is also increasing.

Airlines have also realised that it’s better to customise aircraft cabin interiors according to their requirements before the aircraft is delivered rather than trying to retrofit it later.

Demand for a feature rich cabin

The primary challenge facing aircraft manufacturers today is how to reduce the weight of aircraft seats and how to increase the capacity of cabins.

And, uninterrupted in-flight connectivity has also become a must since entertainment revenue has become a secondary source of revenue for airlines.

Every airline wants to offer as many features as possible in-flight but there are strict safety regulations that have to be adhered to.

Companies like Tech Mahindra carry out the research and development required to bring in features like mood lights, LED lights, smart galleys, flat beds and flexible cabin dividers into an aircraft cabin without compromising on safety.

Tech Mahindra currently serves five of the top eight aircraft manufacturers in the world. In the past, Tech Mahindra has signed with Bombardier Commercial Aircraft to help them develop the Aircraft Ground Support System (AGSS) for the company’s Aircraft Health Management System (AHMS) on their C-series of planes.