An NYC shop created a doughnut that's decorated with tiny doughnuts and called it 'doughnut-ception'



The Cinnamon Snail

Vegan lunchtime darling The Cinnamon Snail has been treating NYC to insanely good animal-and-dairy-free treats for years now, but they've finally outdone themselves this time.

Meet Doughnut-ception, the vegan doughnut you never knew you needed.

The Cinnamon Snail has dreamed up a delightful maple-raspberry stuffed doughnut, that is then decorated with miniature donuts, which are then topped with even tinier doughnuts. If all the pink, yellow, and purple frosting doesn't get you, then the sprinkles definitely will.

Your doughnuts deserves a doughnut on top of a doughnut on top of a doughnut, don't you think?

The Cinnamon Snail has officially dubbed this doughnut the Sparkle Dazzle Rainbow doughnut.

 They start off with their famous vegan doughnut, stuff it with maple-raspberry jam, cover it in frosting, top that with tiny doughnuts, and then top those tiny doughnuts with even tinier doughnuts!

 That over-the-top jam is really what calls to us.

Even babies are excited about Doughnut-ception.

And if doughnuts aren't your speed, you can always get a doughnut-topped cupcake to satiate your sweet tooth.

The Cinnamon Snail
Midtown West
2 Penn Plz (b/w 7th & 8th Aves)
New York, NY 10001 

Open daily from 11am-9pm
(862) 246-6431

4/5 stars on Yelp

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