Apple Generated More iPhone Revenue In One Weekend Than All Of BlackBerry Will Sell For


BlackBerry has agreed to go private in a $4.7 billion deal with Fairfax Holdings Limited. The deal won't go through for a few more weeks, and BlackBerry can still accept offers from someone else.


The news comes on the same day Apple, the company credited for the disruption of the mobile device industry that helped cause BlackBerry's downfall, posted record opening weekend sales for its new iPhones.

Apple sold 9 million of them.

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Now, those 9 million iPhones are a mix of both models, the top-tier iPhone 5S and the cheaper plastic iPhone 5C. But even if most iPhones sold were the cheaper model, Apple brought in at least $5 billion in revenue from its iPhone business last weekend. And that's being conservative.

So, in short, Apple generated more revenue from iPhone sales last weekend than all of BlackBerry will likely sell for.