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Next-gen iPhones to feature optic and taptic upgrades

Next-gen iPhones to feature optic and taptic upgrades
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  • Apple could launch three iPhone models this year with the new A13 chipset.
  • The new devices are expected to feature a triple camera stack at the rear.
  • New taptic engine to replace the cancelled ‘3D Touch’ feature.
Optics, taptics and souped up guts could be the hallmark of the next generation of iPhones that Apple is set to launch later this year.

Rumors posit that Apple could be gearing up to launch three iPhone 11 models this year. While the company has followed a predictable annual refresh cycle, not much was known what about that the upgrades could entail.

According to a report by Apple-focussed media site 9to5Mac, Apple could bring in a slew of upgrades with the new iPhone models which are expected to launch in September.

This year’s iPhone models will succeed the iPhone XS, XS Max and the XR. While it is not clear if Apple will stick with the roman numeral, it is likely that the company could switch to back to the regular numbering system for brevity’s sake.

Apart from this, Apple is said to retain the 3x OLED Retina display on the premium iPhone 11 models, while the successor of the cheaper XR model will be upgraded to an OLED panel this time. All the three models are said to retain the same display resolution.

Triple cameras on the back

So far, leaked images and renders of the upcoming iPhone models show a square-shaped camera module on the back.

While the iPhone XS and XS Max currently feature a dual camera setup with a standard camera and a telephoto lens, the next iPhone models could feature an extra camera with a wide-angle lens. This wide-angle snapper could also be used for a new feature called Smart Frame.

According to the report, this Smart Frame feature will capture areas outside the frame in the viewfinder, giving users the ability to perform editing at a later stage.

The front-facing camera is also said to be upgraded in iPhone 11. Apple could add support for slow-motion recording at 120fps.

iPhone 11 Taptic Engine in the works

The report also adds that Apple is working on a new Taptic engine that is codenamed “leap haptics”. Apple canceled their ‘3D Touch’ feature in the past. Apple has one of the best taptic engines in smartphones, and this new engine could be optimised for Haptic Touch that was introduced in iOS 13.

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