Apple Maps is getting a really useful feature that Google Maps doesn't have




If you've ever taken the subway in a major city or have gotten lost in a large travel terminal like Grand Central, you probably understand how frustrating it can be to find the exit that brings you closest to your destination.


Apple plans to make that a whole lot easier in iOS 9. In addition to adding public transit directions to Apple Maps, the company is also adding a feature that can tell you exactly which exit you should take when departing the subway or train station.

So, for example, if you're sitting at the front of the train, Apple may suggest that you take the exit in the middle or at the opposite end of the track because it might be closer to where you're going.

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It's a small feature, but one that's bound to be really useful in a big city like New York, where getting out at the right exit could save a lot of time and confusion.

Google Maps has an excellent public transit guide, but it doesn't have this particular capability. It does, however, let you know which direction you're facing so you can tell which way to walk. If you look closely at the little blue dot that tells you where you are in Google Maps, you'll notice there's an arrow pointing in the direction you're facing.


This is just one of several improvements coming to Apple Maps when iOS 9 launches in the fall. Siri will also be able to tap into Apple Maps, so you'll be able t0 ask for specific directions to a given place without having to type in it.

At launch, public transit directions for Apple Maps will be available in Baltimore, Chicago, Berlin, London, Mexico City, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Toronto, and Washington DC.

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