Apple used to make a lot of surprising announcements at its big conference - here are the hits


Steve Jobs iPhone 4


Apple kicked off its annual conference in San Francisco on Monday, and during the keynote speech, Apple senior vice president Craig Federighi teased the crowd with "one more thing" - the exact phrase former CEO Steve Jobs used to use before revealing a huge surprise.


Instead, Federighi played a short marketing video.

Apple didn't announce any new hardware products yesterday, and most of the new features won't be available to consumers until the fall. Instead, the company laid the groundwork to establish a technical base for years to come.

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But the Worldwide Developers Conference used to be a spectacle when Apple frequently and often blew minds with new products - like new laptops, iPhones, and services like Facetime or iCloud.

Now that this year's keynote is over, the infographics experts at Venngage have taken a look at the last ten years of WWDC and took stock of all the big products Apple announced at its annual summit.


Check it out:

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