Apple's next iPhone update will include hundreds of new Emojis


Apple's next update for the iPhone, known as iOS 8.3, will bring 300 new Emojis along with a handful of other features such as wireless CarPlay support.


A public beta, or trial period, of the update is expected to launch in mid-March, according to 9to5Mac's Mark Gurman, but for now only developers can preview the new software. The update sounds like it'll bring some minor improvements, such as a different voice for Siri and support for Apple Pay in China.

Renee Ritchie from iMore says the update includes 300 new Emoji and 32 new country flags. Developers and bloggers have posted screenshots showing all the new Emojis we can expect to see in the update on Twitter.

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Apple also added some updated Emojis for its own products, such as iPhone icons that look more like Apple's modern phones and the Apple Watch, as 9to5Mac also pointed out.

It's unclear exactly when we'll get to see the final version of iOS 8.3, but it's the first iPhone update that will reportedly go into public beta, Gurman says. Apple did this with OS X Yosemite last year, but this would mark the first time Apple has made a beta for iOS available to the public. The move would be part of an effort to eliminate bugs throughout iOS, Gurman previously reported.

A public beta is essentially a chance to give the software a test run before the final version is complete.

At the same time, a bigger update called iOS 8.4 is supposedly in the works that may bring Apple's much-rumored streaming music service. iOS 9, the next major update to Apple's iPhone software will likely be revealed in June, and Gurman predicts this will also go into public beta after its unveiling.


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