AT&T is joining the Global Telco Security Alliance to target cybersecurity thought leadership

AT&T is joining the Global Telco Security Alliance to target cybersecurity thought leadership

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US-based telecom AT&T is joining the Global Telco Security Alliance in an effort to augment security solutions for enterprise telecommunications, according to Mobile World Live.

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The telecom is the group's first North American member, and in signing on to the Alliance, AT&T is signaling to customers that it's looking to assume a thought leadership role in enterprise wireless communication security that could help the company to grow its enterprise business and IoT portfolio.

The addition of AT&T to the Alliance will add another large group of dedicated support workers with expertise in the North American market and its specific cybersecurity challenges.


The group was formed last year through an agreement between Telefonica, SoftBank, Etisalat, and Singtel. Members share cyberintelligence and security capabilities with each other in order to identify and counter emerging threats. The founding members already operate 22 separate security centers with more than 6,000 workers covering customers in over 60 countries.

Joining forces with this group of international telecoms will help AT&T bolster its own security offerings for enterprise customers. AT&T will benefit from information shared by other members of the Alliance, which will help the company to identify more quickly potential threats that could leave customers exposed.

The telco's membership in the Alliance will also serve as proof that its enterprise offering is differentiated from competitors. It signals to customers that the company's security capabilities are top-notch, and that it's not only keeping up with security protocols, but also providing guidance and leadership in the wider telecommunications space - similar to its partnership with Ericsson for IoT device certification.

Enterprise customers understandably demand that their vendors offer secure solutions; in considering features of IoT platforms, for instance, 76% described security features as extremely important, far outstripping other choices.

Taking steps such as joining industry associations can be tangible examples of a company's dedication to addressing cybersecurity issues, which it can point to when attempting to bring in new customers or expand relationships.


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