Avengers Endgame mayhem in India with screenings around the clock as ticket prices hit ₹2,400

Avengers Endgame mayhem in India with screenings around the clock as ticket prices hit ₹2,400
Screenshot from Avengers Endgame official trailerYouTube/Marvel Studios


  • Avengers Endgame is creating history in India by being allowed to screen in movie halls around the clock.
  • Midnight screenings may be a common phenomenon around the world, but Indian laws don’t allow for theatres to offer show timings beyond 12:00am.
  • Ticket prices in India have also skyrocketed, the highest being ₹2400 in one of Delhi’s PVR cinemas.
The buzz around Avengers Endgame is causing booking portals to crash and with the demand being that high, multiplex chains have been allowed to screen the movie around the lock in India.

Avengers Endgame mayhem in India with screenings around the clock as ticket prices hit ₹2,400
Prices soar to ₹2,400 ($34) in India at Delhi's PVR Ambience outletBookMyShow screenshot

Even ticket prices know no limits reaching ₹2,400 in PVR halls, one of India’s leading multiplex chains, for which the average ticket price is normally ₹215. Although it should be noted that Avengers End Game is only that expensive in the ‘Director's Cut’ outlet of PVR Ambience in Gurgaon, Delhi.
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In Mumbai, prices reportedly reached ₹1,765 at Inox Insignia.

The newest installment of the Avengers is also breaking records at India's Box Office with one million tickets for the movie pre-booked.

BookMyShow app reportedly broke down just after sales hit 18 tickets per second on the platform.

Shows at 3 in the morning

Movie screenings after midnight might be common in other countries, but in India very few films cross the threshold for their shows to list beyond midnight because the laws don’t allow it.

The only exception that has ever been made before Avengers Endgame was for Thackeray, that screened at 4:15am on the day of its release. This made the Marvel Universe film the first movie in India to ever be shown in theatres after midnight — for more than one show.

Show timings for Avengers Endgame on BookMyShow in Delhi aren’t beyond midnight but movie halls in Mumbai — PVR Market city in Kurla and INOX in Laserplex Nariman Point — have opened bookings for 2:30am and 3:00am shows.

Cinepolis, expecting the the hype around Avengers Endgame, is hosting India’s first movie marathon of the Marvel movies that will last 20 hours to cover nine movies ending with the screening of Avengers Endgame.

The final installment of the Avengers has the widest release of any US film.

So, Avengers Endgame isn’t just creating waves in India but around the world as well. In China, the premier of the movie brought in over $107 million in ticket sales leading industry analysts to speculate that the Marvel could earn up to $285 million during the opening weekend.

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