Beauty Editor Cat Marnell Reportedly Got $500,000 For A Tell-All About Her Drug-Fueled Past


Cat Marnell

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Cat Marnell — the infamous beauty editor who's just as well-known for her writing as she is for her drug habit — has sold her book proposal "How To Murder Your Life" for a reported $500,000, according to Forbes.


The memoir was reportedly picked up by Simon & Schuster, and details the adventurous life of the 30-year-old self-described "pill-head" and coke addict.

BuzzFeed's writer Amy Rose Spiegel got her hands on the complete 35-page proposal that was shopped around by Marnell's literary agent, and the excerpts reveal an early addiction to Adderall fueled by her psychiatrist father and nights spent partying with her graffiti writer clique throughout her 20s:

In 2002, crucially, I met the gang of friends/f*** buddies who remain my closest crew to this day: uptown kids from Dwight, Dalton, York Prep, Trinity — native New Yorkers turned derel graffiti writers (which they still are) who taught me the New York streets and escalated my drug use and glamour partying (it was glamorous, okay?) to heights I'd never dreamt of before.

"I will write a New York Times #1 Bestseller," Marnell sums up at the end of the proposal. "Swag!"


None of this information is necessarily new about Marnell, who had previously given an extremely candid interview to New York Magazine's The Cut after her public exit from the blog xoJane.

Marnell has also openly written about her drug-addled life in the past for both xoJane and Vice, as well as worked at Condé Nast's Lucky, SELF, and Glamour.