BitTorrent Releases A New Super-Secure Chat App Called 'Bleep'


girl typing on computer


Late last year, filesharing company BitTorrent teased an NSA-proof chat product in the works. Now things are a good deal more official - the product will be called "BitTorrent Bleep" and users can get started using an early build of it ("pre-alpha") on an invitation-only basis.


The thing that sets Bleep apart from nearly all other chat applications is its decentralized nature. Those wanting to communicate with each other do so via a direct line of communication, without having their messages routed through a central server.

Bleep is so named because BitTorrent never sees your messages or metadata. As far as the company is concerned, "anything you say is 'bleep' to us."

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Here's what the company wants you to know about Bleep:

  • It's Windows 7/8 desktop only (other platforms coming later)
  • It's pre-alpha, so they're aware of some bugs and are expecting our testers to find some more
  • Users can sign-up with email, mobile number, or incognito (unlisted; meaning no account or personal identifiable information is necessary)
  • Testers will be able to invite friends, but those friends will also need to be using Windows desktop (for now)
  • Testers will have the option to import their Google address book locally to the application to quickly find friends
  • Text and voice calls can be made to online contacts (no offline messages, yet)
  • The visuals, UI, and exposed features are still evolving; what is in the Pre-Alpha is not necessarily final
  • Currently, an account can only be used on a single device/installation and cannot be moved

Mac and Android versions are already in the works. You can request an invite right here.