BOB IGER: 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Footage Is 'Very, Very Exciting'


Disney CEO Bob Iger had a big day with Disney's earning crushing expectations, and the future could be even brighter.


Sitting down on CNBC's "Closing Bell" Iger discussed the hotly anticipated seventh installment of the "Star Wars" series, "Star Wars: Episode VII."

"I can only tell you that production is underway," Iger said. "We had a very brief hiatus ... which is due in part to the fact that Harrison Ford broke his ankle."

Harrison Ford, who is reprising his role as Han Solo, broke his leg (not his ankle as Iger suggested) when a door from the iconic spaceship the Millennium Falcon fell on Ford.

"The footage we've seen is very, very exciting to us," Iger said. "I think there's about 500 days left between now and December 18th, 2015 when the movie comes out. That doesn't seem like very long."


Director Abrams has given fans snippets of the set here and there, but there's not enough to quell the excitement over the release of the film. A fact that Iger is very aware of.

"There's a lot of pent up demand," Iger added. "We're just as excited as the fans are about it."