Break your fast this Ramzan with Mediterranean inspired food at Baris

With the holy month of Ramzan on, the sunset denotes the Iftar time these days, when followers of Islam break their fast together. And this is the right time to indulge yourself into some Mediterranean cuisine. Just when you are wondering where to find the right dose of hummus and Turkish smoked chillies to get you high, Baris popped up at GK 3 in South Delhi. This is coming from the same person who co-owns G Line Gourmet Pvt Ltd., Arjun Toor.

Delhi has been demanding an authentic Mediterranean eatery for quite some time now. While a few came up in South Delhi itself, my preferred one being at MGF Mall, Saket, most of them wouldn’t qualify as a walk in space for experimentation with food. Those are the ones that demand an occasion and planning. Moving forward to Toor’s strategy, the look and feel of Baris is meant to be a ‘plan any day’ restaurant when your taste buds demand something different.

Step into the delicious Middle East

Away from the hustle and bustle of the GK3 market, the narrow lane leading to Baris gives you a chic vibe about the place. And as you push the door inside, the warm yellow themed little Middle East greets you a grand welcome. With an obvious Arabic distinctness in the decor, Jali windows with intricate geometric patterns, the place gives you a cool comfort to your eyes, despite of warm colours. There is a strong use of Medieval Islamic Pottery as props, which somehow looked a bit desperate to me. Hispano-Moresque ware or Iznik pottery would have suited the best.

Overall the vibes was cozy and elegant. The music played was contemporary, which again could be replaced by soothing Arabic instrumental tunes.

Getting into the gastronomic business

In any fine dining restaurant, food holds the key to success and for Baris, we judged the same way. We kicked off the game with Hummus Bin Dujaj (Rs 425) – a dish with spiced crusted chicken with garlic, cumin, sumac, cinnamon. This is served with lavash crostini. If you haven’t been initiated in Mediterranean cuisine before, you would feel a overpowering effect of the spices and a hint of roasted aftertaste. Let that dissolve and take the second bite, which is when you get carried off to the jannat. Chef Sahin Ibis from Istanbul, a specialist in Turkish delicacy has done a commendable job on his part to induct Delhites’ tastebuds seasoned to Middle Eastern cuisine.

The next on the sampling platter was a Turkish pizza - Dumanlanmish tavuk. Well this is another wonder from the Arabian world where smoked chicken, olives, onions and mozzarella cheese give you the high. Coming from Turkey, the olives and mozzarella cheese tasted magical.

Do opt for Pillie Topkapi if you are a fan of cream based chicken. Because this one is half of the hen stuffed with black currants, pine nuts served on a creamy bed of spinach. No overpowering flavour despite strong use of spices and chicken that melts in mouth is the biggest takeaway.

If you are a dessert person, do try Crema di chocolate, which has a hint of Turkish coffee on the chocolate mousse

BI Round Up

If you are really experimental of food, then is the place that demands your visit.

Meal for two: Rs 3000 (approx)

Address: Local Shopping Complex, Mazjid Moth, Greater Kailash (GK) 3, New Delhi

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