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Business Insider India Completes One Year

Business Insider India Completes One Year
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It has been a year already! And it has been a pleasurable journey. I, on behalf of the entire BI India team, would like to thank you all for making us a huge success. We have come a long way in the last one year and become one of India’s top news websites. It is our constant endeavour to become better and provide our readers breaking news, exclusive features, business takeaways, new corporate recommendations and more.

First we introduced a special tab called India Insider, to make Indian News and features easily accessible with just one click. Then we brought in some good properties like the ‘infographic of the week’, that have been loved by all. We would be bringing more such regular features for the business-oriented audience to help them grow and thrive.

Stay tuned: we are constantly expanding our Indian news package and thus, would be bringing in some exclusive features from the business, political and technology world. As we continue to evolve, your feedback and insights will be invaluable to us. We’re looking forward to hear your recommendations and suggestions on the write ups, and what more you would want to see on our website. You can send us a tweet @bi_india, send a message on Facebook or just comment below by logging in with your social accounts.

Here’s to many more years of association.

Happy Reading!

Sulabh Puri
Editorial Head – Business Insider India

P.S. Do check our twitter page and take part in our ‘anniversary’ celebrations.