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Here are the varieties of Bira Beer you will love

Here are the varieties of Bira Beer you will love
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Homegrown beer brand Bira is known for the many varieties its offers. The millennial-friendly beer brand has positioned itself in the sweet spot where it caters to exotic tastes of the urban consumer. Here are the compelling varieties of Bira Beers to choose from.

Bira Light Beer

A low calorie lunch time lager, ‘Light’ is high on flavour and low on calories. It has lower calories than a glass of champagne, a glass of orange juice or milk. This can be coupled with a light meal at any time of the day. Its ingredients include barley malt, maize, saaz, and magnum hops.

Bira White Beer

Known as an all-day craft beer, White is offered in a delicious flavour with little bitterness and a soft finish. It has a hint of spice and a fine throw of citrus gives it a cloudy-sunshine touch. White can be a refreshing all-day beer that is brewed with the finest ingredients like wheat, malt, two row malted barley, oats, orange peel and coriander.

Indian Pale Ale Beer

Touted as a zesty tropical fresh flavour, Indian pale ale is brewed with pomelo, the largest variety of citrus fruits in the world which grow in North Eastern and Southern Indian Groves. Showing up a mild sweet citrus taste, Indian Pale Ale has tropical aromas of mango, pineapple and malty honeyed biscuit. The ingredients include barley malt, wheat, pomelo, mosaic and citra, hops, yeast and CO2.

Blonde Summer Beer

This extra-large hoppy summer lager that is rich in colour and made with the finest barley. The drink has achieved a balance of bitterness and dryness, a fruity-summary aroma of tangerine, melons, strawberries and passion fruit. Its ingredients are barley malt, rice, wheat malt, hops and yeast.

Boom Super Strong Beer

The rich and malty Boom Strong is a malt flavoured beer with notes of honey and biscuit. The makers have achieved a balance between the flavours of noble hops. The different ingredients include water, barley malt, rice, hops, yeast, CO2 and ethyl alcohol.

Boom Classic Beer

Rendered crisp and mild, Boom Classic makes it a refreshing summer drink. The Cologne-koelsch style beer strikes a delicate balance between fruity aromas and a mild bitterness. The ingredients are water, barley malt, rice, wheat, hops, yeast, CO2, and ethyl alcohol.

Malabar Stout

Brewed with Indian coffee beans, Malabar Stout mimics the flavour of a cold brew coffee with alcohol. Working lighter on the palate, this beer evokes robust flavours beer lovers can’t just miss. The ingredients are two row barley, melano malt, lactose, blue tokai coffee blend, roasted rye, cara blond malt and black malted white.