Bajaj Auto's July sales drop by a third and the bigger dent came from exports

Domestic sales of Bajaj Auto in July 2020 were 1,58,976 units, down 23 percent, as against 2,05,470 units recorded in July 2019.
Covid-19 induced economic turbulence pulled down two-an d three-wheeler manufacturer Bajaj Auto's total sales in July by 33 per cent on a year-on-year basis.

According to the company, its total sales during the month under review fell to 2,55,832 units from 3,81,530 units sold during the corresponding month of 2019.

Similarly, Bajaj Auto's total domestic sales stood at 1,58,976 units -- down 23 per cent -- from 2,05,470 units sold in July last year.


The two- and three-wheeler manufacturer's overall exports declined by 45 per cent to 96,856 units from 1,76,060 units shipped out during the like month of 2019.

In term of two-wheelers, the company's total sales fell 26 per cent to 2,38,556 units from 3,22,210 units sold in July last year.

The company's commercial vehicles' sales during the month under review declined by 71 per cent to 17,276 units from 59,320 units sold during the like period of last year.