Elon Musk's Tesla receives approval for seven EV variants in India

Elon Musk's Tesla receives approval for seven EV variants in India
Tesla's much-anticipated entry in India seems imminentIANS
Elon Musk-owned electric vehicle company Tesla has received approval for three more trims of its electric vehicles in India, bringing the total to seven versions approved in the country, media reports said.

Tesla India received approval for three more vehicles in the country, citing information from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Teslarati reported on Monday.

In August, Tesla received homologation certificates for four of its car models. With three more certificates, the electric vehicle maker now has seven vehicles approved in India.

The precise Tesla variants that received approval have not been specified. However, there have been sightings of Model 3s and Model Ys on Indian roads, the report said.

The latest three vehicles with homologations certificates have not been named either, it added.


A few Tesla test units have been regularly navigating through local roads in India. Still, the US-based EV maker has yet to make any serious moves toward local production.

Earlier this year, Musk noted that a Tesla factory in India might be possible if Tesla were to succeed with imported vehicles.

As per the report, some sources stated that Tesla requested to reduce the import duties of vehicles sent to India by at least 40 per cent, which could help the US company test demand in the country.

However, governing officials stated that there is zero chance for a single company, like Tesla, to receive specific incentives.


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