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Amazon brings Metaverse to the e-commerce segment with augmented rooms

Amazon brings Metaverse to the e-commerce segment with augmented rooms
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  • Amazon brings augmented rooms (Amazon View) to transform the shopping experience.
  • Shoppers can customize their room with Amazon products in VR.
  • Amazon View is temporarily unavailable in India.
Amazon is ready to transform your online shopping experience with Amazon View — an augmented virtual room that gives the basic layout of your house in 3D. With this new feature, you can easily swipe the items in the virtual room accurately.

It will help buyers who need quick interior design check and review the aesthetics and ambience of the room. Users can also decorate rooms virtually before buying products. Moreover, it's like an extension of the Metaverse.

More about Amazon View
By using Amazon View you can view products in your home before you buy them. For example, the chair is of the right size or the coffee table will look good on this side of the kitchen or room. All you have to do is pull out your phone, aim the camera at the frame you want to check and see the AR simulation in real-time.

The view in your room feature is available on iPhone 6S and newer, running iOS 11.0 and newer. For Android, the phone or tablet should have the AR Core app installed. AR core is only supported on Android 7.0 and newer.

To access Amazon View all you have to do is open the Amazon app. Then tap on the camera icon in the search bar and scroll to “View in Your Room” and select a product. By using this feature you can customize and design your space from thousands of designs.

This feature is currently not available for Indian users, but it’s likely that we get access to the feature in the near future.

Metaverse — next phase of e-commerce?
We can expect that Metaverse will revolutionize the shopping experience in the coming time.
Tech giants such as Meta are already offering VR headsets and similar technologies making it accessible to a number of people. Similarly, e-commerce giants should make the most of VR technology and explore new ways to connect with customers to make the virtual buying experience as realistic as possible.

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