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Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale: Things to do before the sale goes live

Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale: Things to do before the sale goes live
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  • The Amazon Great Indian Festival sale will be live on the platform from September 23, 2022.
  • Ahead of the sale, Amazon has revealed its Kickstarter deals.
  • The e-commerce platform has partnered with SBI and is offering an instant 10% discount to its users.
  • Check out the below post to do things before the sale goes live.
The Amazon Great Indian Festival sale is around the corner and is scheduled to go live on September 23, 2022. During the sale, products from different categories will be available at a discounted price, along with several card and bank offers.

This festive season you can make great savings and upgrade your gadgets, look of the house, appliances and more with exciting deals from this sale. Apart from the discounts, deals and offers that Amazon has, we have some tips that will be helpful to make your purchases easy and cost-saving.

Before the sale goes live, Amazon has revealed some exciting Kickstarter deals that you can grab.

Read further to know about some things that you must do before the sale goes live.

Create account
You must be an Amazon user to access deals and discounts during the sale. In order to save the time of creating an account at the time when the sale is live, you can create and keep your account ready for purchasing. Amazon has welcome offers that will help users get an instant 10% cashback on their first purchase.

Update your delivery address
To make purchases hassle-free, you can add your delivery address to the account prior to the sale.

Save your card details
Amazon also has various bank offers during the sale, so saving your card details before the sale goes live can save you some time. Also, Amazon will offer an additional 10% discount to SBI debit and credit card holders.

Become a Prime member
Prime members are always given the advantage to access deals and offers one day before the non-prime users. So, if you want to access and grab the best deals early, you must be a prime member. Click here to subscribe and become an Amazon Prime member.

Wishlist your favourite products
To ensure that you don’t forget to buy the products you need, you can “wishlist” them before the sale starts. This will not only help you save time in finding products during the sale but also helps to compare before and after sale prices.

Redeem diamonds
This time Amazon has introduced a new way to win cashbacks - diamonds.

Diamonds are points that you can collect on your purchases or do activities on the platform like playing games or watching TV and more. Amazon will allow its users to redeem diamonds and win cashback rewards.

Also, on a minimum shopping of ₹1000, Prime members can earn two times the diamond plus extra 500 diamonds.

Connect Amazon Pay with UPI
Buyers can also pay using the Amazon Pay method. Buyers can receive instant payments and refunds with this method.