Unveiling the impact of Flipkart on innovation and growth in seller success stories

Unveiling the impact of Flipkart on innovation and growth in seller success stories
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  • Shyam, a dedicated entrepreneur from West Bengal, whose determination led to building Electro, a prominent water solutions brand on Flipkart.
  • Ashish Kukreja from Delhi who transformed his shoe brand, Kraasa into a multi-crore turnover business within seven years.
  • Sonal Agarwal from Maharashtra, the entrepreneurial force behind Campus Sutra, a bootstrapped fashion brand.

Let’s dive into the captivating world of these entrepreneurs who have achieved soaring success, propelled by Flipkart's unwavering support. In this narrative, we delve into the pivotal role that Flipkart, India’s homegrown e-commerce marketplace, has played in the transformative journey of these entrepreneurs, enabling their businesses to reach unprecedented heights.

Flipkart has harnessed the power of its platform to create new avenues of growth through key market insights, training that enables digital upskilling, and leveraging the power of e-commerce. As we delve into the journey of these entrepreneurs, we unfold a common thread that weaves through their experiences during the festive sales that stand as a catalyst for new levels of business success.

Crafting water solutions
Name: Shyam
Business: Electro
Location: West Bengal

Shyam, a determined entrepreneur who hails from West Bengal, has built a notable brand on Flipkart called Electro, focussing on essential water solutions. Driven by a belief in the fundamental right to clean water, Shyam’s products, particularly water purifier accessories, offer convenience and safety.

And when it came to selecting an online platform, he knew that Flipkart was the right choice. Recognizing Flipkart's stature as India's homegrown ecommerce marketplace, he found an ideal platform to showcase his products and reach a wide range of customers. Supported by his family, especially his wife, Shyam’s journey thrives on customer satisfaction. His customer base predominantly hails from southern India, emphasizing its ability to connect with diverse communities.

Participation in Flipkart's festive sales marked a turning point for Electro, amplifying their sales and showcasing the impact of strategic planning. And amidst the current festive season, Shyam ensures that his team is well-prepared to deliver a seamless shopping experience to their customers, given the huge scale of demand.

Shyam’s story is one of determination, family bonds, and a resolute focus on providing water solutions that make a difference. Their journey as Flipkart sellers is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and the meaningful impact an entrepreneur can have on communities through their products and dedication.

Building an e-commerce giant
Name: Ashish Kukreja
Business: Kraasa
Location: Delhi

Ashish Kukreja’s journey from a middle-class background to the business realm encapsulates the spirit of ambition and resilience. In 2014, he founded Kraasa, a small shoe brand, with humble beginnings in his family’s living room. Soon, he learnt what every founder grows to realize. “It is easy to start up, but much harder to sell,” he recalls. As the first shoots of growth appeared, Kraasa received financial support, first from family and then by way of formal finance. But the real catalyst for success was Flipkart. “Flipkart’s advertising systems and other solutions showcased our products across the country,” he says. The team at Flipkart guided him to ramp up inventory, to win over the curious and price-conscious consumers.

Eventually, the magic happened - clicks on the Kraasa catalogue soared, orders surged, and seven years after starting up, Kraasa touched many crores in turnover. E-commerce not made Kraasa resilient but also enabled them to recover two months of pandemic losses in just one week during the 2021 Flipkart Big Billion Days (BBD).

Looking ahead, Ashish is determined to double Kraasa’s turnover in the next three years. He also aspires to make their shoes from recycled plastic to benefit the environment. With over 80 employees and indirect support for 500 families, Ashish’s vision is to generate employment opportunities and make a positive impact on the society.

Rising name in fashion arena
Name: Sonal Aggarwal
Business: Campus Sutra
Location: Maharashtra

The business of fashion on e-commerce is complex, fast-evolving, and sprinting ahead at the speed of imagination. Despite such odds, Campus Sutra has excelled at this game. Starting out as yet another bootstrapped brand in an ocean of players, the Direct to Customer(D2C) brand is today available at over 500 locations nationwide and has a presence in 21 countries. “We are one of the biggest bootstrapped fashion brands in India,” explains Sonal Agarwal, Campus Sutra’s Co-Founder and Head of Design.

Sonal had always dreamt of starting her own company, and after several design stints, it was during a trip to Goa where she connected with people who became Campus Sutra’s co-founders. And the timing was perfect: India was just discovering shopping online, and first-mover advantages were being carved out in the e-commerce world. Campus Sutra made the most of it by becoming one of the first apparel brands to list on Flipkart. Their partnership with Flipkart was instrumental over the next eight years.

Not merely a platform for listing, Flipkart provided vital insights, guiding Campus Sutra on product trends and categories to expand into. But it was during The Big Billion Days that Campus Sutra witnessed the full extent of Flipkart’s ability to grow their business. “We would see new orders every time we would refresh the portal,” Sonal recalls. It was an overwhelming experience for the bootstrapped team of eight, who promptly recruited their friends and family members to fulfill the high demand. This success story exemplifies how a dedicated team, coupled with Flipkart’s support, can thrive and expand in the dynamic world of e-commerce.

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