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India’s dating apps have way more men than women, says study

India’s dating apps have way more men than women, says study
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  • Only 26% of people on dating app are women compared to a majority of men, according to a survey by Woo — a dating app which surveyed 20,000 users.
  • Indian users usually land up on online dating apps to look for a meaningful relationships, to meet new people and to expand their social circles.
  • An average user in India spends nearly 45 minutes, with men spending more time than women.
India’s app dating world has a “massive” gender gap problem.

Men using online dating apps in India outnumber women on the platform by nearly three times, according to a recent survey.

Only 26% of dating app users are women against 74% men, Quartz reported citing a survey by Woo — an online dating app.

Not here to date or for hookups’

While online dating apps in the west are frequently used both for casual dating, long-term dating and, increasingly, hookups, Indian users reportedly have a totally different set of goals for signing up on these platforms.

The report, which surveyed 20,000 in India, revealed that 38% of the people in India use the app to look for “meaningful relationships.” Whereas, for 28% it is also a way to socialise and meet new people after moving to another city. About 17% of the surveyed respondent said that they joined dating apps to expand their social circles.

Who spends more time: Men or Women?

Men tend to chat with multiple women simultaneously and hence they usually end up spending more time on the app in comparison to women who converse with two to three men at a time, reported Quartz citing the survey.

Interestingly, men on these online platforms have complained about fewer female users.

However, women are bothered by the huge amount of attention they get because there are too many men against fewer women.

Dating apps working for ‘change’

Bumble — which has already marked its presence in 140 countries with 40 million users -- has recently launched in India with a purpose to change the dating game for women.

Tinder, another dating app, has been tryin hard to grab a bigger piece of the Indian market by making ‘traditional’ ads and introducing ‘My Move’ feature — much similar to Bumble which is famous for letting women start the conversation on online dating apps.