Pay to post on X soon? Musk says two new subscription plans in the works

Pay to post on X soon? Musk says two new subscription plans in the works
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  • Elon Musk has revealed that X will soon get two new premium subscriptions.
  • One of the subscriptions will completely remove advertisements from the platform.
  • This may also mean that X may soon start charging users if they wish to post on the platform.
Elon Musk on Friday revealed that X (formerly Twitter) is working on two new tiers of premium subscription, which will be launched soon. This comes just days after X started testing a $1 annual fee for new accounts in select markets.

Musk has said that one of the tiers will allow users to completely remove ads from the platform. At the moment, it is not known if the $1 annual subscription is one of the subscription plans Musk is talking about.

Two new subscriptions for X

Musk has said that X is testing two new premium subscription plans – a lower cost option with all the features but no reduction in ads. The second plan, which Musk has said will be more expensive, will completely remove ads from the platform.

If the cheaper affordable plan does not offer any additional benefit and only offers all the existing features, this may mean that Musk is looking to make X a paid-only platform, allowing only users with a subscription to post.

In its $1 “Not a bot” subscription plan testing, X had mentioned that existing users will not be affected by this plan and will continue to be able to use the platform like before.


During the testing of its “Not a bot” program, X had mentioned that the users who do not opt for a subscription plan will only be able to read posts, watch videos and follow accounts.

X had mentioned that the paid plan is being introduced to reduce spam, manipulation of the platform and reduce bot activity.


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