SMBs can easily upskill their workforce using this effective learning management solution

SMBs can easily upskill their workforce using this effective learning management solution
In a digitally transformed world, skills [acquisition] level the playing field. They provide an equal opportunity for large and small enterprises to grow and push the envelope of innovation. Hence, it is imperative that enterprises invest in their talent, and upskill them to stay ahead of the competition.

While large enterprises are able to deploy their employees’ upskilling and skills enhancement strategies through dedicated learning and development (L&D) activities, small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) find it difficult to accommodate and sometimes, even afford this critical function. And hence, what could provide a real edge for smaller businesses is diluted, limiting these businesses from showcasing innovation in the competitive landscape.

The main barrier to development of these high-growth businesses is limitations when it comes to funds, access to solution providers and a skilled workforce. These often result in them choosing short-term approaches towards skills development like deploying upskilling initiatives only during employee on-boarding, relying on a limited set of experts for training, or even deploying tools which might not be effective and productive.

While SMBs already found it challenging to deploy L&D initiatives, the pandemic added more dimensions to consider: a digitally transformed world and a hybrid workforce. Digital skilling turned essential for a workforce that may, or may not come into the office.

“Today, SMBs cannot afford to ignore the strategic need for L&D function and the need for a long term approach. However, this has to work within the typical budget constraints an SMB would need to work under”, says Amit Gautam, CEO of UpsideLMS, a unique upskilling platform that has been designed for businesses who want to embark on a long-term L&D strategy for their workforce.


Smart learning solutions: Need of the hour for SMBs
An LMS, or a Learning Management System is a digital tool to enable the delivery and management of educational courses and programmes. However, an effective LMS is capable of accomplishing more than just helping provide educational content to users. It should deliver structure to a business’ L&D agenda, adapt to an organisation’s upskilling approach and culture and also integrate into organisations and their diverse digital environments. And from an SMB’s perspective, it should also be cost effective.

UpsideLMS innovated to develop an SMB-focussed learning management system that delivered effective solutions to the L&D demands that these small businesses faced. saksham is a ‘Free Forever’ LMS for SMBs across the world. It is designed to offer a learning platform for SMBs who are keen to embark on the upskilling trajectory by developing a culture of learning and building a future-ready workforce.

“saksham - Free Forever” was launched specifically to cater to smaller businesses who have very limited L&D budgets. It’s a complete learning solution that can be used by any company of any scale or size and most importantly, it’s free forever”, notes Vivek Garg, SVP-Sales, UpsideLMS.

What sets ‘saksham’ apart?
saksham’s power-packed set of features make it domain, sector and size agnostic. The platform can on-board unlimited numbers of learners and courses, and the integrated AI engine is capable of delivering suggestions that are best suited for the employee and the organisation. With the hybrid working environment emphasising the importance of adaptability, saksham can deliver upskilling programmes via the mobile or a larger screen, with gamification and social learning adding an element of fun to the process.

The platform is also easy to set up, simplifying the process for SMBs as they implement the platform in their businesses. And with a zero-cost setup, small businesses can stay clear of worries about making large investments in their L&D functions. “saksham - Free Forever is a smart learning solution for organisations, especially smaller and mid-sized, to establish a learning culture and build a future-ready workforce. In fact, companies of all dynamics can set it up on their own. It’s that easy.” says Sandeep Bhoyar, SVP - Technology, UpsideLMS.

As technology evolves, and the courses on an LMS are upgraded to help the business, saksham is also set to receive updates. It runs on the core of UpsideLMS and the platform benefits from the continuous innovations and updates in UpsideLMS, which are aligned to the changing learning and development needs of SMBs.

With upskilling turning from good-to-have to an imperative, platforms such as saksham are intent on delivering industry essentials to businesses which are the most in need of these innovations. And with SMEs playing a crucial role in the country’s economy, a future-ready Learning Management System will position this sector in a path of continual growth. Gautam adds, “Our vision is to take saksham to every organisation in the world and empower them in developing their capability holistically.”
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