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'SpiceJet didn't deposit money into pension funds for months'

'SpiceJet didn't deposit money into pension funds for months'
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New Delhi, India's low-cost carrier SpiceJet has reportedly not deposited money into the pension funds of its employees for at least 6 to 8 months, a source said.

However, a SpiceJet spokesperson told IANS said that the process has already been initiated by the company.

"There was a certain deferral in PF but we will be depositing a substantial amount soon and salary disbursement is on time. We are also doing all settlements on time. Everything will be cleared soon. We are hopeful," said the spokesperson.

"We are submitting PF together in three to four months and soon it will be cleared," he added.

This week on Monday, SpiceJet announced a notable turnaround in its financials for the first quarter, driven by reduced costs which outweighed a decline in revenue.

The airline revealed a consolidated net profit of Rs 197.64 crore for the quarter ending June 30.

This marked a significant shift from the net loss of Rs 783.72 crore recorded during the corresponding period in the previous year.

The impressive upswing in profitability was primarily attributed to a substantial 36 per cent reduction in total expenses for the mentioned quarter, amounting to Rs 2,069.24 crore.

However, on Thursday, the Delhi High Court asked low-cost airline SpiceJet and its Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) to pay Rs 100 crore to Kal Airways and its promoter Kalanithi Maran by September 10, failing which the court may consider the attachement of their properties.

Appearing for Maran and Kal Airways, senior advocate Maninder Singh submitted that the judgement debtor -- SpiceJet and CMD -- had to file the affidavit of assets and weekly collection within one week which they have failed to file on time and the same has not been filed in a format mandated by this court.

On August 9, the court had issued notice on Kal Airways and Maran's application seeking 50 per cent of the daily revenue collection of SpiceJet to be paid to them on a weekly basis.

During the hearing on Thursday, Singh further submitted that the order dated February 13 and July 7, passed by the Supreme Court is pre-emptive, conditional and self-operative which has not been complied with till date.

Additionally, he submitted that the affidavit filed by the CMD has been filed under sealed cover which has not been served to the decree holders -- Kal Airways and Maran.

On the other hand, senior advocate Amit Sibal submitted that the amount calculated by them stood upto Rs 279 crore and not Rs 397 crore, as argued by advocate Singh.

He further made an offer to deposit Rs 75 crore within 10 days to which advocate Singh objected and said that they had to pay this amount in April but has not paid till date.