The sure shot ‘signs’ of a successful entrepreneur

The sure shot ‘signs’ of a successful entrepreneur
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  • Engineer with an IIT degree and a Virgo star sign is the most popular formula for self-made entrepreneurs.
  • Virgos is the star sign of most founders on Hurn IDFC First list of self-made entrepreneurs.
  • Cancer and Leo are the next most common star signs amongst the 405 founders who are a part of the list.
It takes a lot of creativity, courage and determination to start and build a successful business. In this digital era, it helps if you are an engineer too. As per Hurun and IDFC First’s list of top 200 companies founded by 405 self-made entrepreneurs, 225 are engineers. Needless to say, the list is also dominated by startups and new-age businesses.

The odds get better if you are from a marquee college like IIT, as 82 of them from the list are either from IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay or IIT Kharagpur. There are more points to score if you live in Bangalore, Mumbai or Gurugram — near the startup ecosystem.

And there are another set of stars that have to align for success – the zodiac signs. Virgo is the biggest contributor to India's Top 200 Self-made Entrepreneurs of the Millennia with 14% companies with founders of this star sign respectively.

Known for logical and practical approach to life, Virgos have a systematic approach to life — all good for would-be entrepreneurs. In a fast-changing world, people of this star sign can also become best business builders as they are known to constantly build skills and practice until they get perfect.

This is followed by Cancer with 12% and people with these star signs are known to be effortlessly creative and knowledgeable even if they tend to be sentimental. It’s also a good trait for founders of today, who need to think out of the box.


Leos also feature heavily in the list with 10% of the founders having this sign. The natural-born leaders also known for their self-assurance are also courage — all that takes to start and run a business from ground-up.

Star signs of self-made entrepreneurs who run successful companies
Star signsPercentage Examples
Virgo14%Mukund Jha (Dunzo), Hemant Jalan (Indigo Paints), Siddhant Saurabh (Zupee), Uttam Digga (Porter)
Cancer 12%Neetish Sarda (Smartworks),
Leo10%Bipin Preet Singh (MobiKwik)
Gemini 9%Vimal Kumar (JusPay)
Scorpio9%Sushil Agarwal (Aavas Financiers)
Capricorn7%Jahangir Mohammed (Twin Health)
Sagittarius7%Pranav Goel (Porter)
Libra7%Chandan Joshi (MobiKwik)
Taurus7%Harsh Binani (Smartworks)
Aquarius 6%Pravin Agarwala (BetterPlace)
Aries6%Saurabh Tandon (BetterPlace)
Pisces 6%Ashok Boob (Clean Science and Technology)
Source: IDFC First, Hurun

This millennium is ruled by startups – at least that’s what the Hurun and IDFC First report indicates. But their contribution to the economy is also massive. The top 200 companies that make up the list have created wealth to the tune of ₹30 lakh crore. That’s as big as the GDP of Denmark.

Retail billionaires — Radhakrishna Damani of Avenue Supermarts (DMart), and Binny Bansal and Sachin Bansal who founded Flipkart are the top wealth creators since 2000. And, they have started from scratch.

“This is a testament to the immense value that these entrepreneurs have created. It is also noteworthy that approximately 25% of these companies are publicly listed, and 34% have expanded their operations globally, showcasing the global ambitions of Indian entrepreneurs” said Anas Rahman Junaid, founder & managing director of Hurun India.

Most of the list, as expected, is dominated by startups – unicorns and soonicorns. It indicates that a new-era of companies and the digital economy is ruling the wealth creation sphere.

“If India stays on such course of investing in physical, digital, and social infrastructure and continue with reforms, we will all see the miracle of India transforming into a developed country within our lifetimes, exceeding per capita income of $15,000 by 2050,” said V Vaidyanathan MD & CEO, IDFC FIRST Bank.


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