scorecardUdaan shipped over 1.7 billion products across 1,200 cities in 2022
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Udaan shipped over 1.7 billion products across 1,200 cities in 2022

Udaan shipped over 1.7 billion products across 1,200 cities in 2022
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  • B2B e-commerce platform Udaan sold over 1.7 billion products across 22 million orders in 2022.
  • The company said that it is witnessing good growth across food, FMCG, electronics, lifestyle, general merchandise and pharma verticals.
  • Udaan said that its repeat purchase rate was over 89% in the essentials category.
E-commerce platform Udaan said that it shipped over 1.7 billion products catering to over 22 million orders in 2022, on Wednesday. The unicorn said that these orders were shipped to 1,200 towns and cities covering 12,500 pin codes across India.

The business-to-business (B2B) platform Udaan enables small manufacturers, farmers and brands to market and sell their products on its platform.

“We are witnessing solid growth across our businesses – food, FMCG, electronics, lifestyle, general merchandise, pharma — and will continue to focus on strengthening our customer value proposition to ensure high buyer repeat rates. We are continuously strengthening our relationship with various brands and they are witnessing strong growth on the platform,” said Vaibhav Gupta, co-founder and CEO at Udaan.

Orders under essentials and other category
The platform shipped 17 million orders and over 9 lakh tonnes of products under the essentials category that includes fresh products, FMCG, staples and pharma. Udaan said that it witnessed a huge surge across the essentials category with a repeat purchase rate of over 89% in 2022.

It shipped around 320 million biscuit packets; 210 million beverage units; and 125 million namkeen packets; 85 million noodle packets and 36 million chocolate packets. In addition, 430 million personal care and 210 million home care items were sold via its platform.

The highest demand for essentials came from Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Telangana. Most of its demand for other food products came from Karnataka, followed by Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi and Telangana.

586 sellers did business worth ₹1 crore on Udaan
About 586 sellers sold products worth ₹1 crore on the Udaan platform in 2022. As many as 120 of these sellers were from the lifestyle segment, and 219 were from the general merchandise business.

The best performers were sellers who belonged to the electronics businesses as 247 of them generated sales to the tune of ₹1 crore sales last year. Of these, 174 sold merchandise to the tune of ₹2 crore.

The platform has over 3 million retailers and thousands of sellers on the platform across the country.

In October last year, Udaan raised around $120 million in convertible notes and debt after delaying its plan to go in for an initial public offer for a year.

The company has been restructuring its business model and focusing on cost efficiency as it plans to achieve profitability. Udaan fired an estimated 1,000 employees last year, as it has been cutting costs across verticals to improve unit economics, especially in the food and fast-moving consumer goods categories.

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