Buzzfeed made a Y2K joke and its readers were completely baffled - 'what is that'


Wall Street traders, United Airlines passengers, and Wall Street Journal readers were all left pretty confused on Tuesday due to large-scale technical difficulties. 

And now, BuzzFeed readers are, too.

The digital news organization sent out a tweet comparing the situation to Y2K, the technological glitch that some feared would paralyze the world's computer systems at the turn of the millennium.

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And a chunk of BuzzFeed's followers had no idea what the acronym meant.

Here's the original BuzzFeed tweet:



 And here's how BuzzFeed's followers responded:




Readers were absolutely bewildered. 

So for those who can remember it, Y2K symbolized the possible future of a digital world. But for the youngest millennials, the event is as irrelevant as the Tamagotchi.

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