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Potential for India’s workforce lies in digital transformation

Potential for India’s workforce lies in digital transformation
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Where are the jobs?

Where are the jobs?

According to the report, the most amount of job listings posted on the site were for software engineers during the first half of 2018. Even at a regional level, 8 out of 14 cities that were analysed had the highest posting for software engineers.

The report speculates that the increase in demand can be attributed to the increase for employees to specialise in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, cloud and analytics.

Where’s the growth?

Where’s the growth?

That being said, legal and education showed the most amount of growth. While this was driven by traditional roles such as associates, lawyers and researchers, the cross between growth and job listing indicate a digital transformation in the industries.

Considering that job listings are dominated by digital roles, it should come as no surprise that programming, coding and databasing along with soft skills like management and leadership are the top skills profiled on the site.

The management arena, in particular, is in the midst of a shift with data suggesting that data querying skills are important for roles in project management and solutions consulting.

But, then there’s the brain drain

But, then there’s the brain drain

Students and workforce migrating out of India for better opportunities and/or quality of life is not a new trend, but it seems to balance itself out with the number of people coming to India for work showing an increase.

The Australia-India pathway, in particular, had the highest amount of traffic going both ways. Even Australia’s own reports indicate that India is the largest source for their skilled-migration programme.

Most of the outflow includes skills in software development, which is India’s comparative advantage as a country known for its provision of tech talent. Most of the incoming skills, on the other hand, have to do with oil and gas. That lines up with most of the incoming talent coming from oil producing nations like the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman.


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