CBS Sports launches streaming network that sounds a lot like a free, 24-hour, online 'SportsCenter'

CBS Sports launches streaming network that sounds a lot like a free, 24-hour, online 'SportsCenter'

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  • CBS Sports is launching a 24/7 online sports network to try and capture more of the growing online streaming audience.
  • CBS Sports HQ will provide live sports news coverage, highlights and other analysis.

CBS announced on Monday that they were launching CBS Sports HQ, wading further into the world of online streaming.

The network describes CBS Sports HQ as, "A 24-hour streaming sports news network . . . ith live news and reporting, game previews and post-game analysis, must-see highlights, projections and in-depth statistical breakdowns."

It does not appear that the service will be offering streaming of live games at this point.

Naturally, CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus cites the "growing audience of young viewers who get much of their news and information on digital platforms" as a reason for launching CBS SPORTS HQ.


Online streaming continues to overtake traditional television in terms of its ability to attract viewers, and a study from the Pew Research Center this past Fall found that about six out of ten viewers from the ages of 18-to-29 primarily watch more online streaming content than televised content.

Fans interested in CBS SPORTS HQ can access the network through, on their television with devices such as Apple TV and Roku, and through the CBS Sports mobile app.

Regarding the type of coverage available on the network, the press release states that, "CBS SPORTS HQ's live streaming coverage will be led by a group of experienced anchors and analysts. All CBS Sports Digital writers and insiders will also be involved in coverage regularly." The release also states that CBS Sports announcers and reporters will be involved in the coverage.

The model for CBS SPORTS HQ is CBSN, a 24/7 online news network which was launched in 2014 and has been a big success for the network.