Change your life at work with this weekly to-do list


Managing your work gets too challenging at times, you may even fail to finish the work in the required time frame. But don't worry, there are ways to manage your work effectively and a weekly to-do list is one among them. You may wonder how a weekly to-do list can change your life at work. Here is how.

Better management of time

A weekly to-do list helps you plan your work for the entire week. This flexibility to plan the work will enable you to manage your time in a much effective way. Hence, your overall productivity will go up as well. Just ensure that both your weekly and daily to-do list are in sync.

Understanding of the macro picture

Daily to-do list gives you a micro view of managing work, but a weekly to-do list helps you see the macro picture, and you can plan accordingly to be more productive. For example: If there is a weekly off, a weekly planning will help you spread your task over the rest of the working days so you still finish it on time without feeling too stressed.

Luxury to take a light day

We all have those days at work when we just don't feel like working too much, and the focus just keeps running away no matter what you do. If you happen to land in the same situation, a weekly to-do list will make the day light and also allow you to spread the extra work over the rest of the week or even the next week (in case it is the last day of the week).

Benefits from synchronicity

When make a weekly to-do list, you have the opportunity to leverage from synchronicities.Sometimes when you are handling different projects, you will see there is some overlap or commonality in it. For instance: If a financial journalist is working on two related stories, gathering inputs for both will become faster and easier for him/her if there is some sort of synchronicities while you plan your week.

So, be flexible with your planning and leave room to adapt as this will ensure your effectiveness.