Check out ONE Co.Work, a co-working space which is changing the way freelancers work

The distance from an idea to a successful startup cannot be covered alone. Valuable companions such as mentors, networking events, great support staff and inspiring people work as a catalyst. But even before that, what sets the tone of the journey is the environment you choose to work in.

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Initially bootstrapped firm owners would prefer working out from their homes, but with more and more co-working spaces mushrooming, startup owners do not have much to worry about. Cool offices spaces now come really cheap.

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One such place is ONE Co.Work – a co-working space focused on fulfilling the vision of startups and helping them move from an idea to a successful venture. How you may think. They have gained exponential recognition and are catering to the needs of over 100 start-ups and entrepreneurs with their target market comprising of solopreneurs, musicians, SMEs, small business owners, freelancers and anyone who desires a flexible and affordable working space.


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ONE Co.Work’s payment models are designed on convenient hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis to suit the on-the-move millennial professional. As for what this place offers, check out what’s in store for startup owners who have been on the lookout for a cool and affordable workplace: