Check Out These Hilarious Dad Fashion Shots From Instagram


Fashion fashionable father pairs his white athletic socks with an all red ensemble

We all know what a dad looks like. 


We see him from afar, evaluating lightbulb prices at the hardware store, gleefully pranking his family with his new selfie stick, extolling the virtues of a good pair of Eddie Bauer slacks. 

They are the absolute antithesis of the willowy fashion bloggers known to dominate Instagram. 

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However, a new group of dads has taken to the platform to show they're proud of their dad style. 

The Instagram account, Fashion Dads, documents fathers who embrace their #dadstyle. The photos of dads in white sneakers, sensible khaki shorts, and relaxed fit Levis proudly declares that Fathers are "on fleek."


Like many fashion models and bloggers, the dads make excessive use of hashtags. One father writes:

For the Dallas-Detroit game, I chose high-waisted brown trousers that hit right under my #ManBoobs and paired them with a bright orange sweater so everyone could see me in the box supporting my fave team, the #DallasCowboys. This look is all about class and comfort. #FashionAndFootball #TrendyTouchdown #DressForYourBody #70InchWaist #PlusSizeAndProud.

If you have a stylish father in your own life you can submit a photo to 

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