Cognizant just handed out 190% bonuses to its best employees

Cognizant just handed out 190% bonuses to its best employeesAt a time when many IT companies are finding it tough to meet expectations, Cognizant is on a high.

The Cognizant Technology Solutions achieved its annual guidance with revenue of $12.4 billion in 2015, a 21% jump from 2014 and is celebrating it with its employees.

Happy over the performance, Cognizant announced a 190% bonus for its top executives, a 135% increase from last year.

During the December quarters' earnings call Francisco D'Souza, CEO, CTS said, "We are pleased with our strong performance in 2015. At a time when major technology shifts are disrupting all industries, clients are looking to a partner like CTS to work with them to create the winning business models of tomorrow at the intersection of the physical and digital worlds."

Due to an impressive healthcare vertical, Cognizant posted industry leading performance, increasing its guidance for 2015 to 19% compared to 16% growth outlook that it had in 2014.


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