Comedian Billy Eichner got a bunch of teens to cheer for Robert Durst at a music awards show last night


Billy Eichner iHeart Radio

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Comedian Billy Eichner

Comedian Billy Eichner, host of "Billy On The Street" and star of the upcoming "Difficult People," is known for his confrontational comedy style.


Much of his show revolves around him running up to strangers and quizzing them about their pop culture knowledge.

Last night, Eichner took this bit to a new level and proved that most teenagers haven't gotten around to watching HBO's hit new documentary series, "The Jinx." 

The comedian, who has already made a lot of jokes about accused murderer Robert Durst, the subject of "The Jinx," was a presenter at last night's iHeart Radio Music Awards.

To a crowd described mainly as "teens," Eichner began listing the names of the show's performers. He shouted, "Rihanna!" to loud cheers. Then, "Madonna!" to more loud cheers! Finally, he shouted "Robert Durst!" and everyone kept cheering, clearly unaware of who Eichner was talking about.


No video clips of the moment are avaliable online, but here is what Eichner had to say:

 "Billy On The Street" writer Jake Fogelnest shared this:

 The rest of Twitter, meanwhile, was very amused:

 The iHeart Radio Music Awards were held last night in Los Angeles. A list of the show's highlights is included on their website. Unfortunately, there's still no mention of either Eichner or Durst.