Connaught Place inner circle is becoming a car free zone. Be prepared for the mess

Connaught Place inner circle is becoming a car free zone. Be
prepared for the mess
In a European makeover, the New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) backed by the Urban Development ministry has plans to make the inner circle of the much famed Connaught Place (CP) car free for a month. This is just a trial project for a few months, NDMC has claimed earlier.

The inner circle of CP is lined with numerous good places to eat, drink and be merry. Apart from that, there are tons of fashion outlets by several international brands. India’s one of the most expensive office place records more than 5 lakh visitors every day. While going car free is a welcome move, but given too many hurdles in implementing is something that needs special focus.

While NDMC has plans to introduce battery operated rickshaws and rented bicycles for the daily commuters, and parking spots in the outer circle, many experts feel this may give way to maximum chaos.

According to the New Delhi Traders’ Association, who has signed a petition to the ministry has noted that this will not only drop the economic activity in the area but also will result in loss of jobs as well.


Here are the issues that still haven’t been answered:

British architecture
According to restaurateur Priyank Sukhija , who owns a lot of F&B places in Delhi, “CP has a 14 feet long pedestrian walking space plus the footpath. And then car park space. It's already pedestrian friendly. The britishers created it with a lot of planning. It has no red lights and traffic however slow is moving because of so many exits.”

Lack of facilities
In a long post on Facebook, Sukhija also said, “CP is not wheelchair friendly and old citizens. Some of them who are traders won't be able to walk this much every day.”

Security issue
“Sukhija also pointed out that there is a lack of adequate parking space in outer circle or Shivaji stadium and Palika parking. People walking to the Shivaji stadium late in the night might be teased or robbed,” concluded Sukhija.
Most people who frequent CP often return home late at night, and parking far from inner circle would require implementing more security along the roads.

Sikha Nandini, a designer by profession staying at South Delhi and having her boutique in inner circle told Business Insider,” I don’t know how it is planned! Most days I return at 10:30PM on cabs. Now walking to the outer circle everyday at that hour isn’t a sane idea.”