Rush Gaming Universe announces whitepaper with a roadmap to create new economic opportunities for Indians

Rush Gaming Universe announces whitepaper with a roadmap to create new economic opportunities for Indians
Rush Gaming UniverseRGU
  • Hike’s Rush Gaming Universe unveiled its whitepaper today.
  • The roadmap includes the launch of the RUSH token and an array of non-fungible tokens (NFT), which includes avatars, special access and virtual land.
  • The Rush Gaming Universe will be built on the Polygon blockchain.
Hike’s Rush Gaming Universe (RGU) unveiled its whitepaper today outlining the roadmap for how it plans to bring the platform on-chain. The plan involves a governance token, a two-currency economy and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

It’s the first mobile-only blockchain gaming platform to come out of India and its key challenge will be solving for awareness among the masses, who aren’t necessarily crypto-savvy, and scaling for a population of 1.4 billion.

One of the reasons that Axie Infinity saw massive success was because players in South East Asia were looking for alternative revenue sources at a time when inflation was taking hold and the economic conditions were uncertain.

New economic opportunities

The point of RGU, as with any play-to-earn (P2E) platform, is to create new economic opportunities for its community.


Currently, there are 10 games on the platform. Players can battle against each other in 2-player or 4-player matches. In 2022, RGU plans to introduce two new game formats – 1,000-player tournaments and clans – the details of which are still under wraps.

The RUSH token, once RGU is on-chain, will represent the economic value of the network. Players owning the RUSH token will get to participate in the potential economic upside as the network grows in value as the contribution of the community grows

RGU wants to solve blockchain tokenomics

Gaming has a love-hate relationship with the blockchain. Hardcore gamers believe game-fi is making the actual games less entertaining. And, even though blockchain gaming saw incredible hype during the pandemic, the misalignment of in-game tokenomics, leading to inflation and subsequent drop in values, has even seasoned play-to-earn (P2E) gamers losing interest.

The Rush Gaming Universe is trying to solve these two issues. One is keeping the focus on building AAA quality games, which they develop in house.

And the other is the limited supply of NFTs or the upcoming RUSH token. There will only be 15,999 ‘Special Access Pass’ NFTs, scheduled to go on sale in June 2022, according to the whitepaper. The token supply of RUSH is capped at three billion.

What is the RUSH token anyway?

The RUSH token will be RGU’s governance token. It will essentially give players the right to vote on proposals, buy NFTs, and earn rewards through staking and gameplay. As the community and networks grow, the value of the token will grow.

Half of the three billion tokens will be dedicated to the RGU ecosystem. This allocation will be used for gameplay, game-fi, community airdrops and to build the community.

Around 30% of the RUSH token will be allocated to Hike and team building the RGU. This is to keep the team incentivised to keep building after a successful token sale, align the incentives of existing investors in the Hike team, and serve as a way for the Hike team to raise funds over time to fund further development of the project.

Last week, Hike announced a fresh round of funding led by Jump Crypto and saw participation from Tribe Capital and Republic Crypto as well.

Before July, RGU plans to announce the Rush Special Access NFT sale. In the second half of the year, the RUSH token pre-sale will go live. RUSH staking – players will be able to place tokens as collateral in order to vote – and NFT staking will also be introduced alongside the launch of an in-house NFT marketplace.


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