SuperRare NFT sells for more than $2 million — a 20,000-fold increase in value over three years

SuperRare NFT sells for more than $2 million — a 20,000-fold increase in value over three years
NFT ‘Some Other A------’ jumps from $100 to $2 million in three yearsSuperRare/Canva/BI India
  • SuperRare non-fungible token (NFT) called ‘Some Other A------’ was first listed for around $100 in 2018.
  • On December 6, it sold for $2 million — a 20,000 times increase in value.
  • The artwork comes from digital artist XCOPY who has made at least two other million dollar sales.
The SuperRare non-fungible token (NFT) project has been a mainstay in the non-fungible token (NFT) space in recent times. But yesterday, another piece called “Some Other A------” was sold for over $2 million. Routine for the NFT-verse right? One could argue that it is. Except that this particular piece started at just about $100 three years ago and has since appreciated 20,000-fold.

The NFT was listed on 3 March 2019 for $105.93 or 0.8 ETH. It appreciated by about four times in the next one year to $483.45, when it exchanged hands on 11 November 2020. On December 6, the NFT was sold for a whopping 550 ETH valued at $2,305,990.50, according to data tracking website NonFungible — making it the most expensive sale over the last seven days.

SuperRare NFT sells for more than $2 million — a 20,000-fold increase in value over three years
SuperRare non-fungible token (NFT) 'Some Other A------'SuperRare

Top five NFT sales over the last seven days:
NFT ProjectNFTValue in dollars
SuperRareSome Other A------$2.3 million
SuperRareDecay$1.5 million
CryptoPunksC#9137$1.2 million
SuperRareDecentral Eyes Dogg$802,689
Source: NonFungible


XCOPY’s third NFT sells for millions

The NFT was minted by London-based digital artist XCOPY who is amongst the originals in the crypto art community online. He has also been on SuperRare since early 2018, and has since released over 100 NFTs on the platform, according to Nifty Gateway. The artist’s collections usually include three animated cartoon-based GIFs refreshing at high frame rates. Nifty Gateway says the artist is a “pioneer” of crypto art.

This isn’t the first time that a piece from XCOPY has been sold for millions either. The artist sold a piece called Deathless on 21 August 2020 for $1,069,420.69. Another piece, called Overlord, was sold in February, earlier this year, for $1,469,000.00.

Far from the largest NFT sale this year

Despite the high price though, the XCOPY sale is nowhere close to the most expensive NFT sales seen this year. Digital artist Mike Winkelmann, also known as Beeple, is amongst the top sellers this year. He sold an artwork called ‘Everydays: the First 5000 Days’ for $69 million earlier this year.

Other large NFT sales in the year include Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey’s sale of the first tweet ever for $2.9 million, while digital artist Grimes has sold her artwork for as much as $6 million. Tim Berners Lee sold the source code for the world wide web for $5.4 million too.

Meanwhile, projects like CryptoPunks and the Bored Ape Yacht Club have clocked in new all-time-highs in sales volume, according to the metrics provided by NonFungible.

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