DEBUNKED: Barron Trump didn't cause a $30 J. Crew shirt to sell out, despite Sarah Palin's claim


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Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images

Barron Trump.

Publications such as the Daily Mail and the Washington Examiner are hailing Barron Trump as a fashion icon after reporting that a $30 J. Crew shirt the 11-year-old wore sold out.


"Barron Trump Gets J. Crew Shirt Sold Out WITHIN HOURS," reads a headline on former Alaska governor Sarah Palin's website.

That's not true. The shirt has been off the market for some time.

J. Crew told Business Insider that its "The Expert" t-shirt was from its Spring 2015 collection. It was not re-released yesterday and would have "sold out" long before the president's son wore the shirt.

The Expert t-shirt

J. Crew

Screenshot from J. Crew's website.


It seems like the first family is making an effort to appear more relatable by wearing affordable clothing, after Melania Trump was called out in May for wearing a $51,500 jacket. Ivanka Trump was spotted last week wearing a $35 dress from Target.

Wearing more budget-friendly fashion is far from a new political tactic for White House residents. Former first lady Michelle Obama often made headlines for wearing clothing from Target and other reasonably priced brands like J. Crew.

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