Demand For CCTV And Allied Security Devices Went Up In India By Over 115%, New Delhi Leading The Surge [Infographic]

In this day and age, one has to take extra precautions to keep their premises and loved ones safe. On most days people need not worry about security, however mishaps do happen and there are enough thugs out there who will try to harm you or rob you. Hence, the need to make safety provisions around your homes, offices and shops are required.

We came across an interesting infographic made by that shows the demand for such security cameras and devices has increased by 118%. People are flocking to buy CCTV cameras and allied equipment because they want to be safe.

The study suggests
There has been 118% growth in demand for CCTV surveillance for use in a wide variety of location such as IT parks, banks, malls; public places like parks; and private places such as gated communities and residential corridors, over the last two years.

City-wise leanings
· CCTV camera needs from New Delhi has soared 123% in just one year.
· New Delhi (25%) has the highest demand for CCTV cameras, followed by 16% from Bangalore; 13% from Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai; 9% from Kolkata; and 7% from Pune.
· Across the country, maximum searches come from Tier 1 cities (76%), followed by 22% from Tier 2 and 2% from Tier 3 cities.


Usage and purpose
· 87% of the CCTV camera needs are for commercial purpose, whereas 13% are for residential.
· 42% of the online searches are from educational institutions like schools and colleges.
· 30% of the CCTV camera needs are from parents search to monitor their child’s activity while they are at work or travelling.
· 60% increase in the CCTV camera needs by NRIs, who want to talk to and monitor their elderly parents in India.
· 63% increase in CCTV camera needs for gated communities.

· 4% of needs are by homeowners who want to keep an eye on pets and kids at home while they are busy working in the office.

Type and feature preference
· Sony is the most popular brand in this segment (35%), followed by Samsung (22%), Zicom (16%), Hikvision (12%) and Panasonic (9%).
· Pet cameras and Aviary CCTV cameras has seen an upsurge of 70% in Bangalore and New Delhi. These cameras has special features like infra-red LEDs for night viewing and intelligent motion sensors.
· Among various types of cameras, people mainly look for Dome type (39%) followed by Bullet (30%), Hidden (21%) and Box (9%).

· 46% of the users look for CCTV cameras with visibility up to 30mm, followed by 32% looking for camera with good recording facility, 22% look for day and night camera, and about 10% look for its compatibility with mobile and the internet.