Demonetisation effect: Reliance Jio offers crazy deals to fight cash ban

Demonetisation effect: Reliance
Jio offers crazy deals to fight cash ban

It's safe to say that the effects of Demonetisation are still being felt and the lack of new currency in our hands can't be labelled as just 'a minor inconvenience' anymore.

Queues outside banks and ATM are just as long as they were a week ago and the death toll due to Demonetisation just keeps on increasing propelling our country into a very sad state of affairs.

The only silver lining at this point when we are cash-starved and are in need of essentials are some of the deals that companies have going on to help fight cash ban. At this point, our only true friend seems to be cashbacks.

Proving to be a boon for us, Reliance Jio has come up with crazy deals to make it easier for people to go about their daily life. Here's what the company has promised-'


• There is going to be 10% cashback available on shopping with JioMoney at any Reliance Fresh & Reliance Smart stores across India. To make it even better, there is no cap on the cashback earned.

• There’s more. Customers who essentially use cash for shopping can also avail the cashback by utilizing the cash loading points inside each Reliance Fresh or Reliance Smart store to pay via JioMoney and then earn the cashback of 10% on the total invoice.

• The cashback will be credited in 2 working days

• People struggling to find change for Rs.2000 will find relief with this offer as the stores are providing customers with cash loading points allowing them to shop & pay for items of any value

• Customers can also transfer the loaded unused money in the JioMoney account back to their bank account. Customers however can use the money loaded at over 50,000 online merchants & 70 plus billers. So essentially the money will be utilized in due course in making cashless payments for utilities, bill payments, insurance payments, e-commerce transactions & offline store payments.

Image credit: Indiatimes